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Professional tree felling, tree cutting, tree removal, and tree stump grinding in Canada. Let us know if you require large tree removal or residential tree cutting. Serving Toronto areas. Mississauga Oakville, Burlington. Scarborough, Beeches, Milton, Etobicoke.

We will be happy to give you a free estimate on your tree removal cost and if any city permits are required.



 Trees in may need pruning for health and good structure, for aesthetic reasons, and to permit people to walk under them. They might also require other care to improve their chances for survival, including treatments in response to damage from biotic or abiotic factors. Trees in urban landscape settings are often subject to human and natural disturbances above and below ground, and in need of solutions provided by arborists. Timing or methods depend on the species of tree and the purpose of the work, and a thorough knowledge of local species and environments is necessary to determine the best practices. Trees may also require pruning to keep them away from wires, fences and buildings.

There can be a vast difference between the techniques and practices of professional arborists and those (without adequate training) who simply "trim trees". Some practices of (uneducated) Oakville tree workers are considered unacceptable by modern arboriculture standards. One example of an "unacceptable" practice is called "topping", "lopping" or "hatracking", when entire tops of trees or main stems are cut off, causing detrimental effects; generally done by cross-cutting the main stem or leaders, leaving big flat topped stubs.

Pruning should only be done with a specific purpose in mind. Every cut is a wound, and every leaf lost is removal of some photosynthetic potential. Proper pruning can be helpful in many ways, but should always be done with the minimum amount of live tissue removed.

In recent years, research has proven that wound dressings such as paint, tar or other coverings are unnecessary and may harm trees. The coverings may encourage growth of decay-causing fungi. Proper pruning, by cutting through branches at the right location, can do more to limit decay than wound dressing.

We can provide a number of different services including: Oakville tree removal.

- Tree Removal Mississauaga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke.
- Tree Surgery
- Crown Thinning
- Stump Grinding
- Tree Felling / Tree Dismantling
- Pruning / Hedge Care
- Crown Reduction
- Crown lifting
- Dead Wooding / Crown Cleaning
- Chainsaw Gear Cutting Maintenance

We service these areas.
Toronto Mississauga Oakville Hamilton Milton Etobicoke Burlington Streetsville Clarkson

The simple "rule of thumb" is:
"A consultant will give professional advice on the health and/or safety of a tree, relationships with proposed or existing buildings or any other tree issue requiring a report or survey"

"A contractor will give a professional service including pruning, removal and other management operations as required."

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Specialist tree removal skills include:

Sectional felling of dangerous trees.
Cable and rod bracing.
Mature tree surveys.
Limb removing.
Pruning and shaping.
Stump grinding.
Hedge cutting.
We have all the specialist tools and the experience to back it up, ensuring the work you desire is completed efficiently and professionally.

 Serving Toronto, Scarborough Mississauga Etobicoke Oakville Burlington, Milton, and Miss. Ontario. Tree removal services and tree felling.

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